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…the miracle of birth…your first met… get the most of this precious moments!


1.What is the best age to photograph a newborn?

A key to having a successful newborn photo session is to have your newborn photographed within the first and second week of life. At this time newborns tend to sleep more, allowing for some stunning images to be photographed without waking them up… In the first days of life newborns feel comfortable in positions as they recently were in their mum’s belly and are easy to „curl up” and pose like that…Once they reach two weeks, they tend to straighten their legs, or ripple, thus making it difficult to achieve “sleepy, curled up poses” … it is worth freezing those precious moments and keep them for a lifetime…

2. When should I book my newborn session?
I advise families to book their newborn sessions before the baby is due – If you are 5-6 months pregnant, it is a perfect time to contact me and to give me your “due date”. Certainly, the due date may change, that is why I will pre-book the date of your session and will be looking forward to hearing from you just as soon as the baby is born.

3. Where are newborn sessions held?

The newborn session will take place in my home studio equipped with everything we would need for newborn sessions: adequate temperature, a baby-change table, an extra space for breeding… to adapt to your Baby’s rhythm of life that is of utmost importance…
If you wish to have your session at your home, it is also possible. Let me know and we will discuss all the details.

4. How long is the newborn session?

Usually, newborn sessions last around 2-3h, depending on how hungry or sleepy baby is. I take every effort to make it smooth and comfortable for you, and first of all for your baby. When scheduling your newborn session you will receive all necessary information about what to bring with you and how to prepare for the session to take the most of it.

5. Do you have photo props?
I  do have a lot of props in my studio to use during the session, like blankets, bonnets or baskets… however as a photographer I would define my style as minimalistic. Instead of being overwhelmed by photo props, I prefer white, natural fabrics, delicate pastel accessories… the idea is to have your baby in the spotlight with some styling ideas.


“The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak”- Hans Hoffman