Pregnancy – an experience we are blessed with for a very short time in our lives… a maternity photo  session is an excellent idea to celebrate these precious moments…


1.What is the best time to have my maternity session?

Maternity sessions are best scheduled between 28 and 36 weeks as long as the mum-to-be is feeling comfortable. Though there are not any contraindications for having maternity session up close to delivery if you feel well. If, however, you are planning an earlier session, do not leave it until a later date, as your baby may take you by surprise and come into the world earlier…

2. When should I book my maternity session?

I recommend to book your maternity session as soon as possible. You will know for sure that there is still enough time to have the session. If you are 5-6 months pregnant, it is a perfect time to contact me and book your maternity session.

3. How should I prepare for my maternity session?

You are very welcome to have your hair and make-up done to emphasize your beauty and make you feel exceptionally… I work closely with a few hair and make-up artists and I would be happy to arrange their services for you. Once your maternity session has been scheduled, you will receive further suggestions on how to prepare for your session. Treat your maternity session as a special gift that every mum-to-be deserves!

4. What should I wear for my maternity session?
In my studio, you will certainly find something special for you…I have a collection of dresses designed especially for maternity sessions. Do not be concerned about the size as they are „one size fits all” made of very comfortable and stretchy fabrics that will accentuate your belly.

5. Can I bring my partner/sibling with me?

Of course, you can!!! I do love family sessions demonstrating close relations and emotions between you all during this special time…

6. How long does maternity session last?

Depending on the option you choose, a maternity session may last about 1h with smaller packages and 2-3h with larger packages.