Baby Plan

Baby Plan


   The first year of your baby’s life is a magic time… it is a period of incredible growth in all areas of your baby’s development with every month full of magic moments, things that your baby has done for the first time in life… first smiles, sitting up on his/her own, first step…
    The Baby Plan is a project for parents who wish to catch all those moments and keep them forever in a stunning photo album to treasure for years to come and share with generations…capture this moment  before it passes you by…


1. How does the Baby Plan work?

The Baby Plan is a project consisting of 4 sessions:

1) newborn session – to take place when your Baby is 1-2 weeks,
2) 3/4month session – about 100 days old – yes, it’s been 100 days since your baby was born! It is a time full of cute and spontaneous smiles, joyful responses to your gestures… During this session I would like to „grasp” these magic relations between you… It is also a perfect time to have a photo session with grandparents or close family-friends.
3) 7/8month session – a time when babies are sitting on their own; it is really something to be proud of and something that brings lots of joy to your Little Cute!
4) First birthday – it is a big event for the whole family!!!  …this photo session will never lack a birthday cake!
At the end of the Baby Plan, you will receive a unique photo album with photos from all four sessions as a gift – I will document your little one’s ever changing sweetness…

2. How to prepare your baby for the photo session?

If your baby has a fully tummy and is not sleepy they are far more likely to be agreeable during the session. Thus, schedule your session for hours of your baby’s activity. You may bring some snacks and drinks.
Important: never schedule a photo session on a vaccination day or 
a day after…babies have various reactions to vaccination and often experience low mood. The best time for the session will be the one without any additional stressful „events”.
As for clothes, you may prepare your own clothing ideas (dress or pants) but it is not necessary. I have a collection of rompers, bonnets, pants, tiebacks… You will certainly find something special for your baby.

3. Can siblings or other members of the family participate in the Baby Plan?

Of course, they can! The photo session cannot pass without other people who are important in your baby’s life: siblings, grandparents or even your best friends…the Baby Plan photo album has enough room for such stunning shots!

4. Where are baby sessions held?

The Baby Plan sessions will take place in my home studio where your baby will feel comfortable and safe.

5. How long does a baby session last?

Babies get tired very quickly, baby session typically last around 30-45min.

6. When will we receive the photo album?

Once the last session of your Baby Plan is completed I will start to design your baby’s album to contain photos from all four sessions. You will receive a personalized photo album within 4 weeks after the last session.